August 8: Cairnryan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe said goodbye to our hosts, Tim and Ethy at the Abbeydene House B & B. Tim is a collector of single records of songs that made the top one hundred list; music memorabilia is scattered throughout the manor. I will miss the wonderful breakfast conversations with Tim and his deliciously creamy porridge.

After visiting Dennis’ Aunt Ethna, we took the ferry to Cairnryan, Scotland–a new country for me. It is amazing how OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdifferent English is pronounced just a short 2-hour ride from Ireland. I asked if there were a sidewalk into Cairnryan. Puzzled, the person responded, “There is a wee path there.”

We arrived into the “wee village” and settled in at the B & B just before it started raining.

Tomorrow we will make our way to Hadrian’s Wall (a Roman divide between Scotland and England), and then start an eastward trek, 73 miles from sea to sea. Since we will be stopping to visit forts, ruins, roman towns, and museums, I don’t know how long it will take us to complete the relatively short distance. Click to see map.

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