Whether you enjoy trekking or armchair-adventures, the "Woman on Her Way" books take you along on Jane V. Blanchard's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wanderings as she explores new horizons. Her heartfelt descriptions of the terrain, the culture, the challenges, and her personal growth and changes let you experience her venture into this world's premier historic, scenic, or cultural itineraries. Whether traveling with her on ancient European routes or primitive wilderness trails, Jane's stories entertain, inform, and inspire.

Books and ebooks:

Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino (2012) Woman on Her Way #1

Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking into History (2015) Woman on Her Way #2

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Ebooks only:

Camino Tips: How to get the most out of "The Way" (2016) Woman on Her Way #3

A Peek at the Remarkable Camino de Santiago: A Photo Journey (2016) Woman on Her Way #4

Camino Quotes and Poems: The Meaning of the Journey (2016) Woman on Her Way #5