Caribbean Cruise: Day 6: Day at sea

On our final day at sea, we took advantage of the last-day on board sales, watched the crew talent show, played the slot machines (first time for Elizabeth), and packed our bags. The weather was too windy for mom to walk on deck, so we spent most of the time in our cabin or in the  O’Sheehan’s Bar and Grill. This eatery was only a few steps from our room and served breakfast and light fare, in addition to drinks.

O'Sheehan Bar and Grill

O’Sheehan’s Bar and Grill

The last crew performance was the best, visually and musically. We tried to get to the comedian-magician show, but there was no room.

Hurricane Patricia was pummeling the Pacific side of Mexico as we skedaddled to Tampa. Instead of arriving at 7:00 AM, we docked five hours early. Kleig lights on the dock shinned in our room awakening me, and then the smell of diesel fuel and the yelling of the shore crew kept me awake. Mom and I were up early, preparing to leave.

Versailles Dining Room

Versailles Dining Room

We breakfasted in the Versailles dinning room, then sat in the cafe until it was time to disembark. Dennis was waiting for us, so once we passed through customs, he was there to drive us home.

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