Day 14: (June 29) Minerva Hinchey Shelter

We left the shelter and headed for Wallingford. The trail crossed a raging river. Dennis walked up a found a place that we could hop stones to get across. He helped me a “Quaker” cross. While I was waiting for Dennis to find a suitable crossing, a couple with a young puppy tried crossing the river. The woman fell in. The puppy, managed well and bounded up to Dennis and back. It was surely enjoying being in the woods.

Victorian Inn at Wallingford VT

Victorian Inn at Wallingford VT

As we entered town, we saw the Victorian Inn Dining and Lodging. On our way out we stopped to see if there was an available room. The proprietor told us that the inn has been only a restaurant for more that twenty-five years. I wonder why they never revised the sign.

It took us a long time to hitch a ride into town. After dropping her husband and son at the trailhead, Elisa offered to take us into town (six miles away).

After distributing the food pickup between the two of us, we decided to have lunch at Sal’s Pizza before returning to the trail. We had to wait outside twenty minutes for the pizzeria to open. Of course, it rained.

As we were leaving, a patron overheard us talking about getting a ride back to the trailhead. He offered to take us while his pizza cooked. Vermonters are very generous with their time.

Today’s walk was our easiest and shortest. We set up the tent at Minerva Hinchey Shelter and enjoyed a turkey dinner made of Stove Top Stuffing and deli turkey. Missed the cranberry sauce, though.

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