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May 18: Gallur

When we left Zaragoza, it was overcast and about 50F. I had on all my gear. About 10 miles out, I took off my fleece jacket, but kept on the rain gear. We dodged raindrops all day. We biked on just about all types of byways — city streets, highway, two-way local roads, one-lane country…

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May 16 and 17: Zaragoza

Ten miles out of Bujaraloz, we had our first flat tire. As Dennis was repairing the puncture caused by a metal scrap, I decided to pee in the tall grass and came out covered in ants. Apparently, I squatted over an anthill. Luckily I was wearing rain gear and the little buggers were unable to…

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May 15 Osera de Ebro

Today was a tough day. We started out in the cold and rain. After 10 km (6 mi) the rain stopped, but a 30 km head wind kept us from making any distance. At one point, I was in my lowest gear and pedaling downhill. Not fair! After working to ascend the steep hills, I…

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May 14, Bujaraloz

Arrived at the Espanol, a hotel in Bujaraloz,  tired, wet, and hungry, after riding 75 km (45 miles) in hilly country. Nice morning ride to Fraga, then a long uphill climb. Pushed the bike on an 8% grade for 2 km to the top. After that is was a gentle downhill descent for about 10…

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May 13, Lleida

We left Montserrat around 11 A.M., misty and overcast, via a route that went up the hill…my legs were not prepared for this and I struggled to the top in my lowest gears. Once at the top, we rollercoastered on a narrow two-way mountain road, with steep drop offs. The vistas were breathtaking. On our…

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May 9: Montserrat

Leaving Molins de Rei, Dennis spotted a cyclist and caught up to him to get directions. We had been unable to find how to get to the bike route we were looking for. Adolfo Jimenez was our trail angel. He asked directions at a local hotel, and then lead us as far as Pallejá. He…

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Wednesday May 8 – St. Andreau

Dennis and I are leaving the bike store for Montserrat, a mountain-top crag about 35 miles north of Barcelona. I’m a little nervous about riding in the city on a new and fully loaded bike. Dennis has planned the route which means he will pay attention to street signs while I concentrate on avoiding people…

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Sunday, May 5 — Barcelona

Yesterday was low-key. Dennis was still not well and spent most of the day in bed. By  evening he was starting to feel better and had the first restful sleep in five nights. The rest seems to have helped him. Its Mother’s Day in Spain, so I get to celebrate the holiday today and again…

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Friday, May 3: Barcelona

After brunch at the hotel, we went back to the bike shop to retrieve a day back pack that I had left in the front rack pack. Nacho (nick name or Ignacio) kissed me on both checks. When I commented that store personnel in the US don’t have this custom, he replied “Its the latin…

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