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June 7: Azambuja

We left the La Laterna in Verdelha de Baixo around 8:15 A.M with cool temperatures 17 C (62.6 F), but nice for walking. Dennis helped me adjust my backpack  straps (with my sore left arm, I cannot pull the tight) and the fit was much better. I told him he was officially my page until…

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June 6: Tired and sore in Verdelha do Baixo

After we went to be last night, two busloads of nine-year-olds arrived. It was bedlam as the adults tried to corral the kids to their rooms. We left this morning at 7:40 A.M., without breakfast, not wanting to deal with all the kids. We returned to the tree-lined Alameda dos Oceanos, a path along the…

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June 3: In Lisboa and learning Portuguese customs

For me, part of the fun of visiting other countries is speaking with the people, learning their customs, and eating their food. I prefer this interaction than looking at monuments or visiting old buildings. It’s all about the people. I also like trying to speak the language. In Lisboa, so many people involved with tourism…

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June 2: Being Lisboa tourist

Slow start this morning. After an 11 A.M. brunch we toured the city. First we went to the ancient Se Cathedral. The insides reminded me of my childhood church, Our Lady of Sorrows in Hartford, CT. We stayed a while to listen to the choir. From there we headed towards the shoreline and watched sailboats…

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June 1: Busing to Lisboa

We got to the bus station about an hour before departure time. Two Portugal-bound buses arrived and people speaking a variety of languages descended on them, trying to figure out which bus to take. Each bus driver told me, “Not this bus, other.” We and several others had no idea what to do. Our departure…

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May 18: Gallur

When we left Zaragoza, it was overcast and about 50F. I had on all my gear. About 10 miles out, I took off my fleece jacket, but kept on the rain gear. We dodged raindrops all day. We biked on just about all types of byways — city streets, highway, two-way local roads, one-lane country…

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