Friday, May 3: Barcelona

specialize tricrossAfter brunch at the hotel, we went back to the bike shop to retrieve a day back pack that I had left in the front rack pack. Nacho (nick name or Ignacio) kissed me on both checks. When I commented that store personnel in the US don’t have this custom, he replied “Its the latin way. Once kiss on each check.” I retorted, “I can get use to this,” which made him laugh. My bike, a Specialized Tricross, has arrived from the other store and has the front pannier mounted. They still need to add the fenders, back rack, panniers, and seat. Dennis’ bike will arrive Monday morning and should be ready by 6 P.M.

If all goes to plan, on Tuesday we will bike to Montserrat, a hill-top monastery about 35 miles from Barcelona. I am a little nervous about driving a fully loaded and new bike through the  city streets where drivers madly weave in traffic and tourist cross streets with little regards to vehicles, including bikes. Even though Barcelona has many bike lanes, walkers do not cede to the bikes and a rider needs to be constantly vigilant.

On the way back to the  hotel, we saw a dog carrying his leash in his mouth. At the intersection, the owner held out her hand and the dog stopped. No verbal commands–just the hand signal. There are many well-behaved dogs in Barcelona, and no dog poop; every dog owner carries and uses a poop bag.

Since Dennis is not yet feeling well, we returned to the hotel. When the maid came to clean the room, we went in search of a pay-as-you-go phone for use in Europe. I think we will have to get a phone for Spain, and then a SIM card for each country. Nothing is easy, even in the EU.

For supper we went to NAMASTE a Hindu restaurant. We order a chicken soup for Dennis, a lentil soup for me and a vegetable sampler. I had a small bottle of vino de Rioja, while Dennis ordered coke. After the soup and drink, Dennis started to feel better. Hope is continues. He has been suffering from nonstop hiccups. Once this stops and he can rest, I hope he will be fully recovered.

Tomorrow, if he is better, we will tour sites in Barcelona that we had not seen in 2011. I love this city and could easily live here.

If you are an Epic passenger following my blog, please let me know. I would love  to hear from you.

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