July 21: Aberdovey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a windy, overcast start, the day turned glorious. The “self-catering holiday accommodation” was built approximately 50 years ago; the interior is cedar paneling. It is filled with Celtic items, books, and curios. Our bedroom has an African motif. This is obviously the owners’ hideaway, with many significant mementos; I am thankful that they shared it with us.

We enjoy sitting in the observatory (lanai or sun room). It is so relaxing having a cup of coffee or tea and looking at the landscape or observing the night sky without interference of city lights. I enjoy watching the birds attracted to the feeders and the various neighborhood cats and dogs as they cross the yard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the chalet where we are staying, we can see part of the pathway into Aberdovey, the closest village. We decided to walk over the mountain to town to pick up groceries and search for a WiFi connection. The owner left us a sketch of the route to Bearded Lake (2.5 miles away) that indicated the direction to town, but without mileage. The wayposts were either unidentified or written in Welsh, causing us to “guess” which trail to follow. As a result, we did about an extra mile trying paths and then backtracking. After 2.5 hours we arrived in town. There are two pubs that provide Internet access, a much more pleasant location than the library. We plunked down, plugged in the computer, and enjoyed a pint. It can’t get much better than that.

The walk provided beautiful vistas. Here are a few.


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