July 23: Aberdovey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very grateful to our host for the library stocked with regional maps and books. From these, we planned our itineraries and learned about the local folklore. The bird book helped me identify the various species that came to the bird feeder. I spied the Ménétries and Sardinian warblers, jays, finches and others that I could not name. I’ve never been a birdwatcher, but I can now see the appeal.

Dennis worked on his antennas for most OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof the morning. Often when pulling the antenna down from a tree, a small portion of wire breaks off, making it difficult to tune the radio on the desired Amateur Radio band. He measured and cut two wires; one for 20 meters and the other as an all-purpose antenna, including the 40-meter band that he likes to operate for making US contacts. After preparing the antennas, he threw the wires into a tree using a water-filled Coke bottle as a weight, and then “tuned” the antenna to the radio. Though this might sound boring or too technical for you, Dennis was in his element, enjoying his 50+ year-long hobby.

Tomorrow we will visit the “Wales central metropolis,” Machynlleth (mack-unth-leth) which has had a weekly market on Wednesdays since 1291. We will take a bus there, it is about 15 miles from Aberdovey.

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