July 26: Aberdovey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlorious day all around. Cloudless deep-blue skies, mild temperatures (mid 60s to start, and then lower 70s) made this the perfect day to explore Aberdovey. As we waited for the bus, a local to Plas Panteidal (where we are staying) offered us a ride into town. I love how helpful people are in Wales. The town is only a five-minutes ride away, but the road is so narrow and windy that walking on it is prohibited.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis coastal village is much richer than Tywyn, very upper scale. It has 840 inhabitants, fewer than it had about 150 years ago. A third of the population is retired and 40% of the homes are holiday rentals or second homes. The shops and restaurants are expensive, as are those in most resort towns. Two pubs and the library have WiFi.(Guess which we picked).

At the pub, I had a tasty carrot and coriander soup with a warm baguette and creamery Welsh butter, so much better than the one at home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the pier was an Outward Bound class teaching the students how to jump off the dock. Since the Atlantic water here is as cold as that at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, the youngsters wore diving pants and boots. This young lady jumped without hesitation, while others needed coaxing and screamed in terror.

After we returned to the cottage, we cleaned and prepared for our departure in the morning, heading to Holyhead to take the ferry to Ireland. I will again be entering a new country.

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