June 11: Ansiao

Yesterday,  I had no Internet connection; we were very rural. We hiked a full stage: 31.3 km (over 19 mi) to Alvaiazere. The last 6 km seemed to go on forever. We stayed in a nice residencial called Bras. Since it was a fiesta day, there were very few people about. I think we say 5 or 6 old people all day. All the cafes and markets were closed; nothing to eat or drink along the way. Luckily we has stopped at a mini market and picked up sardines for an afternoon snack.

The residencial provided a substantial breakfast which was good since there were no places to eat today. We should have walked 14.5 km today (half of the planned staged) but go lost and walked an extra 8 to 10 km. Another long day resulting in tired feet and legs. It is comical to see us limp around. At this point, we are planning on taking a day off from hiking tomorrow, unless we feel as if we can hike 19 km (end of this stage) to Rabacal (population of 1000). Will decide in A.M.

On the way to Ansiao, we walked on dirt paths on ancient oxcart paths bordered with tall stone walls, on cobble-stoned streets through small hamlets, on paved roads, on dirt and muddy trails. Everything rippled up or down; it was seldom flat.

Dennis and I were watching a woman cart out compost to the field and did not realize we were at a crucial intersection, and consequentially missed a right turn. As a result, we walked about 8 to 10 km over a mountain and back to where we got lost. Why is it that I listened to Dennis when he says we are heading in the right directions and the road is just over the next rise?

The weather for the past two days has been cold and cloudy; not great for taking pictures. Promises of better weather for Thursday.

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