June 28: Santiago de Compostela

Wrapping up our stay in Santiago de Compostela.

First,we retrieved our bikes from storage at Ivar Rekve’s office located at Travesía da Universidade 1. He is very personable and we spent a good part of the morning chatting with him.

From there, we walked our bikes to Mail Boxes ETC. They have a great deal for those shipping bicycles to the US: for 199 E, they ship the bike along with helmet and bags.  This includes the box and disassembling the bike, as necessary. There must have been more than a dozen bikes in the shop today, and almost as many different bikes there yesterday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince I ran out of business cards, I went to the printers. The American size cards are different from the European ones, but they were accommodating and the price was reasonable. More weight, though, to carry.

Dennis tried to make amateur radio contacts, but because of the time shift, there were few Americans on the air. The balloon, though, worked well. He will try again later.

We confirmed our plans for the coming week. Tomorrow we leave to see Tracy Saunders at the Little Fox House. I am looking forward to meeting her and spending a few days resting and participating in a local medieval festival. She wrote the book, A Pilgrimage to Heresy, which I read and enjoyed. On Monday we will walk to Muxia (17 km away) then return to Santiago by bus to take the train to Santander where will take a ferry to Plymouth on July 3. There are many things do to in Santander, but since the temperatures are in the low 70’s, swimming will not be one of them.

While we are on the coast and traveling, I may not have an internet connection. In advance, I wish you all a happy 4th of July.

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