May 15 Osera de Ebro

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday was a tough day. We started out in the cold and rain. After 10 km (6 mi) the rain stopped, but a 30 km head wind kept us from making any distance. At one point, I was in my lowest gear and pedaling downhill. Not fair! After working to ascend the steep hills, I expect a little reprieve and a quick descent. Not today.

After 36 km (22 mi) will pulled into a truck-stop in Osera de Ebro and called it quits. I was afraid of blowing out my knees if I continued with the effort. The Portal de Monegos has a comfortable bed, hot showers, and non-working WI-FI. We have a connection with four bars, but a rain storm last week broke an internal connection that has not been fixed. Disappointed, I am writing this post to publish next time I have WI-FI.

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