May 20: Logroño

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe left Tudela late, about noon. First we went to a ferretería (hardware store) to buy a screwdriver, flat washers, and combination padlock that we could use to lock our things in at the albergues. Dennis tightened all the screws loosen on the trail by the canal, then he cleaned the chain of sand, oiled it, and adjusted the seats. I am lucky he is so skilled in bicycle maintenance.

We followed the Camino out of  Tudela. The first 12 km were paved, then the next 8 km were rough dirt roads. The pot holes were large enough to swallow a VW bug–definitely not fit for touring bikes.  The road followed the railroad tracks and we passed acres of artichokes, pear and peach orchards, and recently plowed fields. Again, the north wind made pedaling difficult.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once we arrived at Castlejon and discovered that there were no roads out of the town except for the N-232 (the national highway) and the Camino (more dirt roads). Frustrated,  we called it quits and took the train to Logroño (about 70 miles away.)

Spanish trains have a special compartment for bikes. All we had to do was push the bikes onto to the train and then hook them on the mounts. Easy.

Once we disembarked in Logroño, the station had elevators large enough for the bikes. Thank goodness. I could not see myself on the escalator with the bike.

After OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsettling in at the albergue, we walked around town, mailed something home (from the tobacco store which sold us an envelope and stamps), saw the cathedral, and then went out to eat.

We were early at the restaurant and had to wait about 20 minutes to get served. I was ready to eat my arm, not having eaten since breakfast. I dove into fresh, crusty bread, which took the edge of my appetite. I had fish soup, lamb with artichokes, and rice pudding for dessert. Everything was nicely seasoned and we left sated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe restaurant, for those who might go to Logroño, is Cafe Moderna Bar. I highly recommend it.


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