May 23 to 25 Burgos to Boadilla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe left San Anton Abad in the cold about 10 A.M. Staying in hotels means we do not have to leave early as we do when we stay in albergues. It was an immediate 6% uphill 7 km ride on narrow shoulders and lots of  truck traffic…not ideal. I pushed the bike for half the climb. But what a ride downhill! If biking were always that easy.

We arrived in Burgos early and stayed at the municipal albergue. After lunch we visited the Cathedral, only to find out afterward that we could have seen it for only 2.5 E had we shown our credentials. Inside the church was cold and we left after 1.5 hrs to warm up. It was freezing when we left the next day: 32 F.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince we are following the road instead of the Camino that walkers take, we see different towns and sites, such as this stature of a pilgrim.

The ride today was great. The weather improved during the day and we bike mostly downhill and in the sun. As we tell Michel, a fellow cyclist, we are having fun in the sun.

We biked about 40 miles to Boadilla to stay at an albergue that I had noted on my previous Camino as an oasis, En el Camino. Wonderful folks, good food, and swimming pool, though it is too cold to use.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I fell and sprained my wrist. This morning, the owner of  the albergue drove me to the clinic where the doctor determined it was not broken and all I needed to do was us ibuprofen, ice, and a brace. Better yet, she said I could bike tomorrow. So we are staying another day, resting and enjoying the sun.

Note the storks on the building. From the albergue, we can hear them clacking the beaks.

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