Sunday, Jun 1, 2014 St. Malo

20140601_120510 crocque monsieur 300This morning we planned to be at the train station early, thinking the train left at 10:51 A.M. I had mistaken our departure time with the arrival time at the transfer station. Having missed the train by only a few minutes,we hopped on what we thought was the next train to Rennes, but was actually the train from Rennes, and heading in the wrong direction. The conductor studied the tickets and then looked at us askance, but said nothing. I thought he was concerned that the tickets we had were for the earlier train, not that we were on the wrong one. By the time we discovered our error, it was too late to change trains, so we rode it to the terminus in Quimper, about a hundred miles away.

At the ticket office, the attendant changed our tickets and even reimbursed us money since we were not going first class and then let us call our friends to tell them we would be arriving four hours late.

Basically we rode the train two hours to have a croque monsieur (a grilled ham and cheese sandwich) and then returned.

Our friends greeted us at the airport. At their home, we shared a class of champagne with Josette’s brother and family. There was much laughter and merrymaking. After the relatives left, Jean-François prepared a lamb stew prepared with limes and peas. I never had the combination and really enjoyed it.

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