Day 7: Final Day in LA

We started our busy day exploring LA at the La Brea Tar Pits. Dennis had wanted to see this ever since he had first learned about it as a child. As we watched the pit bubbled and rippled. At this world famous fossil site, more than one million bones have been recovered representing over 231…

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Day 6: Tandem biking along the Pacific coast

We reserved a tandem bike from our hotel room. By the time we got to the beach, it was raining and only 54º F. Determined to try riding a bike built for two, we decided to try if for at least one hour. As we peddled, the rain stopped and we had an enjoyable ride. As…

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Day 4: Visiting the LA Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum (NHM) in Los Angeles is the largest natural and historical museum in the western United States, It started in 1913 as the Museum of History, Science, and Art. The main building alone is worth seeing It has massive marble-walled rooms and a domed and colonnaded rotunda, We started with the Gem and Mineral…

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Day 3: Catalina Island

We left Long Beach on the Catalina Express for Avalon on the Catalina Island. In the background are snow-capped mountains. We passed the Queen Mary on our left and several cruise ships. Soon the ferry motors picked up speed for the remaining hour-long ride. The weather was ideal with cloudless skies and warm enough for…

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Day 2: Touring downtown LA

This morning we met our son Tom at his place of work. After checking out the place and meeting some of his fellow artisans, we went to Cafe 50 for lunch. This is a quaint retro eatery that has walls covered in 50s memorabilia. The menu was typical of 50’s dinner, but the back page listed about 40…

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Day 1 in LA

Our predawn departure for LA meant traveling without coffee. I was surprised to get a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee on the leg from Sarasota to Atlanta. It tasted great with the biscotti they served. The plane flew lower than normal to evade the headwinds, but from my window, I could only see clouds until…

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California Dreaming—exploring LA, the City of Flowers and Sunshine

My wanderlust has been in full bloom for months and I am finally going to scratch that itch with a trip to LA. Los Angeles has several nicknames: The Big Orange, The City of Angels, La La Land, and the City of Flowers and Sunshine. I’m not interested in the glitz of stardom, so I…

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Snorkling in Nassau

Day 7, Friday, September 16, 2016 Last port of call on this voyage, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. We arrived midday. Fortunately, we docked with our room on the shady side so mom was able to enjoy the balcony while I went on shore. I had to stand in the hot afternoon sun for…

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Mom in hot tub

Catch the Fever while out at sea

Day 6, Thursday, September 15, 2016 On our last day at sea, we sat in the hot tub talking with a man who was enjoying his fourth mimosa of the day—and it wasn’t even 10 A.M. He told us that he had taken The Ultimate Beverage Package as a perk and was enjoying the free drinks. According…

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Tortola and the rope course

Day 5, Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Mom and I had both been to Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands. Since none of the excursions tempted us, we stayed on the ship and enjoyed sitting alone on the 17th deck forward hot spa while admiring the beautify vista of contrasting white sand and green mountains. Tortola…

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