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July 11: Salisbury

Nature treated us to a wonderful sunset last night, and then an imposing display of stars. We never would have seen this had we not camped. The silk sheet that I placed inside my sleeping bag kept me warm and I slept better. After shaking off the morning dew from the tent, we took the…

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July 10, Fowey

This is the view from our room. Lovely, isn’t it? It was a bit cool for me during the night; I will add the silk liner to my bag tonight. We decided to take a “zero” day (only walking into town.) There, we tried to make lodging reservations because the sections from here to Falmouth…

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July 9: Fowey

We took the ferry to Fowey from Polperro. It was an hour’s ride that saved us many hours of walking on a strenuous path. There were only eleven passengers on the small boat and three dogs, not counting the captain’s dog Ky, (Cornish for dog) who was also first mate. You could tell by her…

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July 8: Polperro

This morning at the B & B, I had Nutella on toast. Though I had sampled this hazelnut and cocoa spread in the States, I particularly liked it today. It seemed to have a richer flavor. Googling,  I found that there are various international flavors for Nutella, Today’s was a moderately-easy five-mile walk. In the…

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July 7: Looe

The South West Coast Path (SWC) is a 630 mile-long trail on the coast of Cornwall.  It is a roller-coaster route going from the top of the cliffs to the little fishing towns and back.  We are doing only a small section from  Plymouth to Falmouth, walking contrary to most guides, which provides many opportunities…

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July 6: Portwrinkle

“Cracking weather,” Bewitching panoramas, and Caribbean-like aquamarine waters made Dennis exclaim “If I had to live here for the rest of my life, I would not regret it.” We walked on single-track grassy paths, pavement, in fields with black and white cows, a golf course, a military target firing range (Tregantle Fort), through quaint and…

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July 5: Plymouth

Plymouth is a welcoming city and tourist flock to enjoy the beauty and shopping. Unexpectedly, I received that confounded stare when I asked someone if the markings in the road indicated a crosswalk. Gee, I thought I was speaking English! Luckily someone interpreted it as a “pedestrian crossings.” I am learning. First thing this morning,…

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July 4: Plymouth

The sun came out just as we entered the Plymouth England harbor. Getting through customs entailed walking by a drug-sniffing Newfoundland Setter, and then getting our passports stamp. Easy-peachy! As we walked out of the terminal, we met two cyclist, Theresa and Adrian from Falmouth who kindly gave us a lift to the tourist information…

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