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On our way to Vermont

Yesterday an Thursday we hiked about 5 miles in Winnekenni Park in Haverhill, Ma. I think my legs are ready for the easy first days on the Long Trail. After the walk on Friday, we picked up a pizza and I couldn’t resist this beer, just because of the name. Today, it is rainy and…

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Training in NH

Dennis and I went hiking on the back roads around Newton, NH. Everything is verdant and vibrant following the rains. The rhododendrons, azaleas, and spring flowers add colors not seen in Florida. We also saw golden finches, robins, cottontails, and other small woods animals. I had not realized how much I missed the smell of newly…

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Changing to hiker mode

On our drive north, I read the Green Mountain Club Long Trail Guide, Hiking Vermont’s High Ridge. It divided the trail into twelve divisions. Each corresponding chapter included a profile map, descriptions of the route, and its side trails. Though the book offers a lot of information, we will not take it with us. It is too…

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Tweaking gear

A few trial hikes discouraged  me from using Dennis’ Gregory Z35 Pack. The torso is about two inches too long. It didn’t sit right and caused me to lean forward too much. Not wanting to spend money on another pack, I decided to use my Osprey Talon 33 back pack. I’ll miss the extra three cubic feet, but not…

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Gear change

Dennis and I were speakers at the Appalachian Trail Club of Florida. Dennis presented slides from his 2008 walk on the first part of the Long Trail, which is also part of the Appalachian Trail (AT).  I think he was a little wary that all the photos of the mud might change my mind about…

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Preparing for the Long Trail

I am preparing to hike the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the US—272 (435 km) miles long running the length of Vermont from the Massachusetts to the Canadian borders. It is considered more difficult and rugged than the Appalachian Trail, with lots of mud and mountains (53 named ones) including 27 that are over 3,500…

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My next big adventure: 270 miles on the Vermont Long Trail

After Memorial Day, Dennis and I are heading up to New Hampshire to spend time with our daughter and her family. While she and hubby are on a week-long cruise, we will care for their 19-month son and their pets. Living 1400 miles away, I welcome this opportunity to spoil my only grandchild. Walking the hills…

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