Wednesday, May 21, 2014 Copenhagen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATivoli’s grassy lawns entice people to settle down with a picnic lunch or just to enjoy the outdoors. Lounge chairs are available and people relaxed in the sunshine. Lots of children, dogs, and elderly on the green.

Compare these prices with your last visit to the café: The Big Cheeseburger 145 DKK ($30.00); French Fries 30 DKK (6.00) and Cowboy Rib-eye 240 DKK ($48.00). Imagine take out a family. Fortunately for the Danes, this is not abnormally out of range, based on their earnings, but it is out of range for most tourists.

IMG_20140520_122934 The Peacock Theatre Tivoli 300Teens ran from ride to ride, daring each other. This brings back memories of my childhood excursions to amusement parks. As we passed the bumper cars, I tell Dennis about my first time on this attraction. It was at Old Orchard Beach, Me. I was with my sister and my cousin, Joan (pronounced Joann). She was so proud at driving around without bumping into anyone. To this day, I don’t think she has every been in an accident where she was at fault. I, on the other hand….

At the Bier Garten, we talked with a woman dressed in traditional Bavarian garb. She is a student working on her masters. As a student she receives a stipend, which covers rent and food. She works for the extras. Imagine students in the US getting paid to study. Having a highly educated populace most likely is a contributor to Denmark’s high standard of living.

IMG_20140520_155957 Copenhagen canel 300We left the gardens and headed to the boat tour of the canals. We passed the Danish Architecture Center and then got off at Nyhavn to walk along the promenade, listen to the buskers, and enjoy a Carlsberg brown beer. Afterward jumping on the next boat, we visited the Experimentarium (science museum), the Trekroner Fortress which protected the harbor, passed the harbor stones called the Little Mermaid. We were going to stop at the alternative living quadrant, Chrisianshavn, but there were no later boats. In this section, people pay no rent and various types of marijuana are available in smoke shops. Though we did not get a chance to visit it, out hosts at the B&B said it was in interesting place to visit. Maybe next time.

IMG_20140520_210950 Dennis and Jane at Krogers HaveFrom the tour boat landing, we walked around town looking for a traditional Danish Restaurant. Our roaming ended up being about six miles.

As I sat enjoying the last of perfect day, I felt so grateful and fortunate to have Dennis, good health, and the means to travel and experience the world.

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