Wednesday May 8 – St. Andreau

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADennis and I are leaving the bike store for Montserrat, a mountain-top crag about 35 miles north of Barcelona. I’m a little nervous about riding in the city on a new and fully loaded bike. Dennis has planned the route which means he will pay attention to street signs while I concentrate on avoiding people and cars.

Dennis’s route worked until we got to the E-90 where we were going to take a bike route. We could see the route, but not figure out how to get down to it. Neither could the people we asked. Adolfo came to our rescue. He lead us to his home town of Pallaja. From there we followed his directions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the way to St. Andreau, we biked through a tunnel. Once in St. Andreau, Dennis spotted a UPS store. We sent back home the large and heavy front pack on my bike and a set of biking shoes. If it gets cold, we will wear socks. That removed 14.5 K (about 30 lbs). At some point, I will find panniers for the front of the bike. Had we had time to test ride the equipment before we left, we would have realized that this front pack was not appropriate for long-distance travel. Very unwieldy, heavy, and large, obstructing my ability to shift ring gears. We decided the shipping cost (137.24 E) was better than the replacement).

Since it was getting late, we got a room at Hotel Ibis, where we sorted out our hiking and biking clothes. Today we will ship our backpacks with hiking clothes to Santiago. That should relieve us of about another 30 lbs each.

I have been kissed twice by Spaniards since arriving. Once by the salesperson in Tomas Domingo, the bike store, and then yesterday by a pedestrian who stopped to watch us put on our odometers. He told me he would have liked to do a trip as we were commencing, but was too old. When I asked him his age, he replied 60. After telling him that we were older, he kissed both my cheeks. I am starting to like this European custom.

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