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Whether you enjoy trekking or armchair-adventures, the “Woman on Her Way” books take you along on Jane V. Blanchard’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wanderings as she explores new horizons. Her heartfelt descriptions of the terrain, the culture, the challenges, and her personal growth and changes let you experience her venture into this world’s premier historic, scenic, or cultural itineraries. Whether traveling with her on ancient European routes or primitive wilderness trails, Jane’s stories entertain, inform, and inspire.

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My name is Jane V. Blanchard. I am a 66+-year-old woman on her way and this is my travel blog. I use this journal to chronicle the emotional and physical changes that I undergo while traveling. For example, on my first Camino de Santiago (2011), I was surprised by my “spiritual” awakening. This was not a religious epiphany, but a becoming aware of the goodness of humanity.

I started My Journal in 2013 when we visited thirteen countries in five-and-a-half months. We traveled by ship, foot, bike, bus, train, and plane. The blog chronicles other hikes and trips to the Caribbean and to Mexico. I hope you will wander with my husband and me via this travel blog.

 About the Jane V. Blanchard

Jane V. Blanchard is the award-winning author of the "Woman On Her Way" book series.

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