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Jane in PyreneesThank you for visiting the Woman on Her Way Website, home to the “Woman On Her Way” book series and travel blog.

Whether you enjoy trekking or armchair-adventures, the “Woman on Her Way” books take you along on Jane V. Blanchard’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wanderings as she explores new horizons. Her heartfelt descriptions of the terrain, the culture, the challenges, and her personal growth and changes let you experience her venture into this world’s premier historic, scenic, or cultural itineraries. Whether traveling with her on ancient European routes or primitive wilderness trails, Jane’s stories entertain, inform, and inspire.

After retiring in 2011, Jane took her first long-distance walk—hiking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Two years later, she started the Woman on Her Way blog to chronicle her biking and hiking across 13 European countries. Subsequently, the blog became the name of the book series.

5 Fun Facts about Woman on Her Way.

1. Jane enjoys traveling to Europe by ship, often taking advantages of “repositioning” voyages.

2. Jane hikes in skirts, often commando, and for the most part, in sandals

3. Jane has not yet decided if she prefers European wines to European Jane-Mt-Lafayette-1981beers.

4. Jane almost perished in her first climb of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. She fell through a snow bridge, catching what she thought was a twig but which was the top branches of a tree. Had she not caught herself, she would have fallen 30 feet onto boulders and a rushing spring melt.

5. When Jane turned 30, she escaped to the mountains of New Hampshire to avoid celebrating the dreaded event.

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