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Wednesday, December 8: St. Thomas

Wake-up call at 6 A.M. At breakfast I asked for a bran muffin. Our server asked why I would order that. Apparently she dislikes these so much that she does not serve them; instead, she brought be a pastry basket, which I did not want. By 8:15 we were cued up on the pier in…

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Tuesday, December 7: St. Maarten

Shortly before 7 A.M. the change in the engine’s drone as it entered Marigot Bay awakened me. An hour later the St. Maarten officials cleared the ship, and the crew lowered the gangplank for passengers to disembark in Philipsburg, the capital of St. Maarten. After smearing ourselves with sunscreen and eating Eggs Benedict for breakfast,…

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Cruising the Caribbean

Saturday, December 7. At 7:00 A. M O on Saturday, my sister, Doris drove us to the Cruise Connection pick up point (McDonald’s on Cattleman) where we started our Caribbean Cruise. Unaccustomed to rising so early, Dennis was “off” most of the day, unable to sleep on the 4-hour bus ride to the Norwegian Cruise…

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