Day 1 in LA

Our predawn departure for LA meant traveling without coffee. I was surprised to get a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee on the leg from Sarasota to Atlanta. It tasted great with the biscotti they served.

The plane flew lower than normal to evade the headwinds, but from my window, I could only see clouds until we were over a desert just before the Continental Divide. I can’t imagine what it was like for the settlers to cross that region and I have a lot of admiration for their stamina.

At LAX, we sat on the tarmac for over an hour. The pilot said that the plane that was currently at our gate was having trouble departing. Later at the restaurant, someone told us that there was suspicious activity at the airport that prevented planes from arriving/departing, though I could not confirm the validity of this statement, it makes sense especially with all the airport security since 911.

LAX is not as pretty as other airports but is was efficient, and we were soon on our way. Though we had not planned to check our bags, we were forced to do so in Atlanta because the overhead luggage compartments were full. Since airlines now charge to check bags, more people carry them on. When there is not enough room, the last one’s to board the plane are forced to check the luggage. Of course, since you have to remove medicine, computers, and lithium batteries before checking the bags, Dennis and I had to unpack everything. Fortunately, I carry a small Sea-to-Summit day pack which I used to stow our belongings.

LA with snow on the mountains, Photo from the LA Weekly

I am stunned by the beauty of the San Gabriel Mountains that frame LA on the east. Their starkness contrasts with the city’s skyline.

We arrived at the Avenue Hotel too early for the 3:00 pm check-in and so we went for lunch at the nearby Mexican Village Restaurant. They are renown for their margaritas as well as their food. As tired as we were, we decided to return for the beverages during a future happy hour and just had wonderfully tasty authentic food.  If you come to LA, I recommend this restaurant, though Tom tells me the Mexican food sold on the food trucks is fantastic. I’ll have to compare the “roach coach” food to that of the restaurant’s.

In the evening we walked the East Hollywood neighborhood and stopped at the Guatemalteca Bakery and Restaurant. It was deciding on a treat but with the help of a customer I picked a cookie that would taste great with coffee and Dennis chose a cheesecake. I also bought a Faraon chia seed mango juice just because it was unusual. I think this drink would taste even better with rum.

We ended the day early with expectations of visiting with our son, Tom, in the morning. The weather will be warm on Thursday and Friday and then change for colder and wetter. I want to do our outdoor adventures with temperatures in the high 70s instead of low the 60s.

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