Friday, December 10: Nassau, Bahamas

Thursday, December 9: Day at sea

This morning’s server did bring me a bran muffin, but not toasted. As the Rolling Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want.”

We attended the luncheon dinner theater Presumed Innocent, an improv comedy show about a murder aboard the ship. This was a lot of fun and the audience participation is what made it so.

We were able to reschedule the show we missed the night before. Contrary to the one we say in April, this Legends performance featured Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, and Elvis. This high-energy show kept the audience hopping and clapping to the music. I commend the impersonators; not only did they sound like the originals, but looked and moved like them as well.

I finished reading Nada, A historical thriller by Arthur J. Penn. I learned a lot about Fascism in Italy and Spain, something I knew very little about. This is a good read, which I recommend.

Friday, December 10: Nassau, capital and largest city of the Bahamas

We docked at noon and took off for another snorkeling adventure, the Seashore Sail and Snorkel, that promised visiting two reefs and unlimited rum punch on the return trip. Even though we only went to one reef and had inferior drinks, it was a wonderful excursion. The moment I put my face mask into the water, I was in a colorful undersea world surrounded by a school of Sergeant Majors and other tropical sea life. There were cyan-colored fish with golden-yellow spines, stained-glass looking aquatic animals, blue tangs, huge angel fish, tube worms, fan coral, brain coral, and a coral that look like giant cauldrons. At the reef, there are poisonous or toxic marine life, and we saw the stinging wasp, the Touch-Me-Not Sponge, branching coral, bearded fireworm, and black urchins.

The water was choppy, but we floated easily with the life vests. We were glad we took our personal snorkeling gear with us.  The float tubes on the snorkel prevented saltwater from getting into our mouths; those using the gear provided by the crew found it more difficult to peer into the underwater world. After an hour, I was shivering and glad to board the catamaran.

After dinner, we packed our bags and I won our tie-breaking Scrabble game.  After a week at sea, both of us look forward to returning home, eager to start writing and preparing presentations.

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