May 31: Preparing for Portugal

When we were on the way to Santiago, we had to transfer trains. While we had a tea at the depot, I spotted a man ordering a clear liquid, which he poured into his coffee. The bartender said it was a local beverage called aguardiente, made by distilling what is left of the fruit after making wine, very potent 42% alcohol. Last night after dinner, we shared a shot. It is very strong, like vodka, but with a sweet aftertaste.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe spent the morning sorting out our belongings: pile for shipping home, pile for backpacking, pile for leaving with bikes. Dennis then rode his bike to where we are storing it and then returned for mine, since I can’t ride on account of the gashed knee. I met him in town, went to the UPS store and then to the bus station, where we bought tickets for Lisbon. Our preparing for Portugal is done: tomorrow we are off, no longer bicigrinos but peregrinos. We celebrated this fact with a meal at Cafe Monolo in the Old Quarter; I had octopus stew, grilled squid, and half a bottle of wine.

I have an over-packed backpack. How did I manage on the last Camino? I know somehow it will all come together.

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